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Thai Baht: How to Get the Best Exchange Rate

Thai Baht:

Moments after you step off the plane, you’ll notice the first exchange booths in Thailand. Should you go find an ATM? Exchange money at the airport? Or maybe check-in to your hotel first and sort this out later?
There are a number of ways you can get your hands on Thai Baht. The main issue will be the exchange rate, which can vary significantly between the different exchange options. Since the fee is usually not listed separately but included in the exchange rate, it’s easy to overpay without noticing.
If you want to check what the ‘official’ rate with no surcharge is, either today or on any given day in the past, you can do so with RationalFX. However, how do you find someone who will give you that exchange rate (or at least something close to it)?

Before You Leave

You might be tempted to exchange Thai Baht before you come to Thailand. Try to avoid this or at least limit it to the absolute minimum; it’s by far the most expensive way to exchange money. In virtu…